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Dear Phase 1 Students of Atılım Univ. Medical School

All medical students,

Medical residents in different branches
Allied health staff

General public and Media,

On 2nd June 2021, we conducted a 2 hours lecture on zoom for Phase 1 Students of Atılım Univ. Medical School with a title / topic of


Here are 63 power point slides having a rich and up to date content (PDF 4 MB).


With respect and love. 2nd June 2021, Ankara

Prof. Dr. Ahmet SALTIK MD, MSc, BSc
Ankara Univ. Medical School, Dept. of  Public Health (Emeritus)
MSc in Health Law
BSc in Political Sciences & Public Administration     twitter  @profsaltik

Health level indicators and community diagnosing…

Dear Phase 1 Medical Students, Research Assistants, Residents and general readers of our website

Lectures with the themes

Health level indicators
Value of information in support of public health
Measuring the health of population
Information systems and community diagnosing

were conducted on 24th October 2019 at Ankara University International Medical Faculty.

For downloading lecture slides in pdf format (3 MB, 52 slides), please clic on..


With respect and love. 24th Oct. 2019

Professor of Public Health
MSc in Health Law
BSc in Public Administration and Political Sciences
Ankara Univ. Int. Medical Faculty, Dept. of Public Health