Dear Phase 3 Students of Atılım Univ. Medical School

All medical students,
Medical residents in different branches
Allied health staff

General public and Media,

On 29th March 2024, we conducted a 1 hour lecture on zoom for Phase 3 Students of Atılım Univ. Medical School with a title / topic of


Here are the 35 power point slides having a rich and up to date content.. (PDF 3,3 MB)

Medical Waste Management

In conclusion                               :

  • The management of medical waste is a critical aspect of healthcare that ensures the
    safety of patients, healthcare workers, and the environment.
  • Through this lecture, you have gained a comprehensive understanding of the types, risks, and proper handling of medical waste.
  • You have learned about the importance of segregation, treatment, and disposal methods, and the application of these practices in real-world scenarios.
  • As future medical professionals, you are now equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary
    to contribute to
    effective medical waste management and uphold the highest standards of public health and environmental stewardship.
  • This lecture serves as a foundation upon which students can build as they continue their education and enter professional practice, always mindful of the impact of medical waste on health and the environment.

With respect and love. 01th April 2024, Ankara

Prof. Dr. Ahmet SALTIK MD, BA, LLM
Atılım Univ. Medical School, Dept. of Public Health
LLM in Health Law
BA in Political Sciences & Public Administration       X @profsaltik

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