Management of Outbreaks, Epidemics & Pandemics

Dear Phase 3 Students of Atılım Univ. Medical School

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In March 2024, we conducted a 2 sessions of PBL (Problem Based Learning) total 6 hours face to face for Phase 3 Students of Atılım Univ. Medical School with the subject of

Management of Outbreaks, Epidemics & Pandemics

The need for greater international co-operation, better local, regional and global networks for communicable disease surveillance and pandemic planning are crucial issues to be debated on.

Occasionally, the amount of disease in a community rises above the expected level.

Epidemic refers to an increase, often sudden, in the number of cases of a disease
above what is normally expected in that population in that area. 

Outbreak carries the same definition of epidemic, but is often used for a
more limited geographic area.

Cluster refers to an aggregation of cases grouped in place and time that are
suspected to be greater than the number expected, even though the expected number
may not be known. 

Pandemic refers to an epidemic that has spread over several countries or continents,
usually affecting a large number of people: Covid-19 Pandemc; inter-continental epidemic!
The annual
 cumulative number of deaths due to major infectious and parasitic diseases
is estimated at approximately 13.3 million 
in children and young adults (one in two deaths in developing countries).

Six diseases cause 90% of these deaths, namely: acute respiratory infections including pneumonia and influenza (3.5 million), acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) (2.3 million), diarrhoeal diseases (2.2 million), tuberculosis (1.5 million), malaria (1.1 million) and measles (0.9 million) (22).

Rabies, the leading cause of death in the zoonotic disease group, accounts for between 40K and 60K deaths per year.

Here are 70 power point slides having a rich and up to date content.. (PDF 7,5 MB)
Please click the link below to review slides.

Management of Outbreaks, Epidemics & Pandemics

  • “These are not ordinary times where we play politics and juggle with the safety of the society. These are the times that demand prompt decisions and utter responsibility towards not just the self but our kind – the humankind.”

With respect and love. 30th March 2024, Ankara

Prof. Dr. Ahmet SALTIK MD, BA, LLM
Atılım Univ. Medical School, Dept. of  Public Health
BA in Political Sciences & Public Administration
LLM in Health Law       twitter  @profsaltik

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