What is Evidence Based Medicine?

Dear Phase 1 Students,
Research Assistants of Atılım University Medical School
and general readers of our website

A two hours lecture with the title “What is Evidence Based Medicine?will be conducted on 25th September 2023, 09:30 – 11:20 a.m.

This lecture is consisted of 36 slides (4,2 MB) and can be downloaded by the following link :

What is EBM-Evidence Based Medicine

With the hope and expectations of being usefull..

I wish all of you a very successfull undergraduate medical training at Atılım Medical School..

Professor of Public Health
LLM in Health Law
BSc in Political Science & Public Administration
www.ahmetsaltik.net      profsaltik@gmail.com

What is Evidence Based Medicine?” hakkında bir yorum

  1. Gönül Pınar Atacı

    Wonderfull and amazing presentation. Thanks and best wisheses for dear Prof. SALTIK.


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