Dear Phase 1 Students of Atılım Univ. Medical School

All medical students,
Medical residents in different branches
Allied health staff

General public and Media,

On 19th April 2024, we conducted a 3 hours lecture for Phase 1 Students of Atılım Univ.
Medical School 
with a subject of HEALTH LEVEL INDICATORS.

Here is the 81 slides updated PDF file (9,7 MB) : Health_level_indicators

Some important public health issues related to this lecture :

  • Health level indicators value of information in support of public health
    Measuring the health of population Information systems and community diagnosing.
  • A health indicator is a measure designed to summarize information about a given priority topic in population health or health system performance. Health indicators provide comparable and actionable information a cross different geographic, organizational or administrative boundaries and/or can track progress over time.
  • Health indicators support provinces/territories, regional health authorities and institutions as they monitor the health of their populations and track how well their local health systems function.
  • They help in monitoring key performance dimensions described in the Health System Performance Measurement Framework, which provides a common approach for managinghealth system performance across the country.
  • Community Diagnosis (community assessment) is the foundation for improving and promoting the health of community members. The role of community assessment is to identify factors that affect the health of a population and determine the availability of resources within the community to adequately address these factors.

Professor of Public Health
BSc in Political Sciences & Public Administration
LLM in Health Law       X : @profsaltik

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