Addiction & Burden on Family and Community

Dear Phase 3 Students of Atılım Univ. Medical School
All medical students,
Medical residents in different branches
Allied health staff
General public and Media,

On 11th March 2024, we conducted a 1 hour lecture for Phase 3 Students of Atılım Univ. Medical School with the subject of

Addiction & Burden on Family and Community

Here is the 37 slides PDF file (3,6 MB) :
Addiction and Burden on Family and Community

Some important reminders for all..

Family Challenges: Addiction affects not only the individual but also their family members.
Families face emotional, financial, and social burdens due to a loved one’s addiction.
These challenges include:

1.Initial Shock: Families experience shock and confusion when they first encounter addiction.
2.Social Isolation and Stigma: Addiction can lead to social isolation and negative labeling.
3.Sequence of Disorders: Families deal with emotional decline, negative behaviors,
mental disturbances, physical health issues, and overall burden.
4.Internal Family Chaos: Relationships become unstable, and financial collapse may occur.
5.Self-Protection: Family members seek information, support, and coping mechanisms.

With respect and love. 22nd March 2024, Ankara

Prof. Dr. Ahmet SALTIK MD, BSc, LLM
Atılım Univ. Medical School, Dept. of Public Health
BSc in Political Sciences & Public Administration
LLM in Health Law      X : @profsaltik

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