Healthy Life vs. Life

Healthy Life vs. Life

Dear Phase 1 Students of Ankara University International Medical School,

Here you can find the updated lecture file named Healthy Life vs. Life” which we conducted on 25th March 2021 (due to internet connection problems to e-campus system on 8th March, 2021)

A power point presentation containing 42 slides in PDF format can be downloaded (2 MB) through following link :

As it can very easily be understood, Healthy Life should not compared with its reverse even with ordinary life from many aspects.

First of all, Healthy Life is uncompareably cheaper with the other one.

Second of all, Healthy Life is uncompareably much more humanistic with the other one.

And, A Healthy Life, in general, is not so far from handy reach in fact.

We, as physicians must encourage our patients and the entire commnunity to try for a healthy life style mainly by exhibiting them our healthy way of life, habits, behaviors etc. and carrying out a role model in the scene of life.

Please examine the slides carefully how to do..

Thanks for attention and wish all of you a prosperous lecture + a healthy life from now on.

With respect and love. 26th March 2021

Ahmet SALTIK MD, Emeritus Professor of Public Health
MSc in Health Law
BSc in Public Administration and Political Sciences
Ankara Univ. Int. Medical Faculty, Dept. of Public Health