Community Health Services: International Models

Dear Phase 1 Medical Students, Research Assistants, Residents and general readers of our website

Lecture with the theme Community Health Services: International Models” was conducted on 11th March 2019 at Ankara University International Medical Faculty.

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By the way;

  • On the 100th anniversary of March 14th, we bend gratefully and respectfully to the and anti-imperialist patriotic consciousness for the invasion of Istanbul on the remembrance of the brave and valiant medical students. Today, as the most basic human right, HEALTHY LIFE RIGHT, all the fighters who give the struggle for, deep and cordial greetings to them..

With respect and love. 14th March 2019

Professor of Public Health
MSc in Health Law
BSc in Public Administration and Political Sciences
Ankara Univ. Int. Medical Faculty, Dept. of Public Health