Introduction to Public Health

Dear Phase 1 Students, Research Assistants,
Residents of Atılım University Medical School
and general readers of our website..

2 hours lecture with the theme

Introduction to Public Health 

was conducted on 19th October 2021, face to face.

This presentation is consisted of 48 slides (3.5 MB) and can be downloaded by the following link in addition to Moodle media of Atılım University Medical School.


With the hope and expectations of being usefull..

I wish all of you a very successfull undergraduate medical training ..

20th October 2021, Ankara


Professor of Public Health
MSc in Health Law
BSc in Political Science & Public Administration

Introduction to Public Health” hakkında 1 yorum

  1. Gönül Pınar Atacı

    Wonderfull and amazing presentation. Congretulations. thanks and best wisheses to dear Prof.SALTIK


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